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Introducing Orlandi S.p.A. – Home Cleaning products manufacturer

Orlandi S.p.A. is an Italian family company with a long tradition of innovation, quality and technical know-how, capable to combine the B2B technical expertise with a consumer-oriented approach. Thanks to Super5 brand, Orlandi S.p.A. has become a relevant player in Home Cleaning in Italy thanks to continuos innovation, high quality products, knowledge of consumers and the profitable business created with its partners.


A long family-company heritage with B2B background

Orlandi was founded in Gallarate, Italy in 1933. It was specialized in the yarn production. In 1960 Orlandi started to produce its distinctive wadding, which has influenced the manufacture of all wadded furniture. In 1986 Orlandi becomes a multi-sector specialist expanding its production to textile machinery and heat technology.Spunlace production started in 1991.

In 2009 Orlandi launched a new range of Home Cleaning products for the final consumer. In 2013 Orlandi opens its US branch based in New York and successfully developing the overseas markets.

Orlandi Spa Home Cleaning products manufacturer

Introducing Super5 brand

In 2009 Orlandi launched the brand Super5, a range of home cleaning products including rotanting mops, microfibers cloths, sponges, abrasives. A complete range of prodcuts with strong and innovative product quality and supported by strong marketing activities both to consumers and trade. Thanks to the unbeatable quality and reliability of Super5 products, Italian consumer could benefit of a 100% satisfy-or-return guarantee. Best sellers in this range:


  • Rotomop, the cleaning set with rotanting bucket and super soft microfiber mop,
  • Aladdin, the magic carpet with incredible drying power,
  • The Mop, a microfiber floor mop with innovative enginering,
  • Flower Power, a microfiber cloth but also a pot holder and a trivet,
  • Nuvola, the strong and delicate sponge, 
  • Mani di Fata gloves, long and protective and with a twist of design, and many other.

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