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Introducing the Feud

The supplier we are introducing today is called “Il Feudo”, in English “The Feud”. Located near Modena, in the north of Italy, this farm is a real paradise on earth for anyone who is sensitive to concepts such as sustainability and natural food. The owners come from a completely different career: in their previous life they were a professor and a psychologist. Since ever, they’ve been loving good food and natural products, sharing also the aversion to intensive farming and standardised quality of any industrial production.

In 2000 they decided to buy 20 hectares of land, becoming breeders and growers, researchers and experimenters. Today, their animals (chickens, pheasants, cows, ducks) belong to rare and precious races and are living in the countryside, eating what they find on the ground.



No refined sugar: just real taste

“Il Feudo” produces meat, eggs, sauces, sauces, fresh pasta and above all fruit juices and jam. The marmelade is achieved by cold-frozen pulp concentrate, a technique that allows the complete elimination of refined sugar: the product has a rustic consistency and the extraordinary taste of fresh fruit. Strawberries, apricots, blueberries, mandarins and hazelnut are just some of the special tastes that you can discover at “Il Feudo”. Many important chefs are using their products, even the Michelin-starred Massimo Bottura.


Divulgation and awareness

As mentioned above, we would like to underline that the owners of “Il Feudo” are not only producers. Indeed, they are mainly working to divugate real awareness about food and health. According to them, it’s a matter of knowledge and awakening: it’s becoming free from any implicit imposition coming from the food industry and the corporations. It’s going back to the real taste of Nature, it’s remembering what we’ve lost, it’s discovering what can still be preserved.


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